Social Media

Having a visible social media presence for your company not only offers a great marketing channel, but today it is imperative.



With over 1.1 billion users, Facebook is the undeniable king of social media. It is the second most visit website in the world next to Google and it is number one in terms of time spent. Your current and potential customers are spending a lot of  time on this website, so you need to be here as well.

We can create a Facebook fan page for your business. We can also create ads to run on Facebook to help you grow your fan base.



Twitter has over 200 million active monthly users, making it the second most active social media website.




GooglePlus-LogoGoogle +

Google Plus hasn’t gained as much traction as some of the other social networks. However, you might still consider having a Google+ page for your business. Links on Google+ have weighting on search. And since search, Google search in particle,  is the gateway to the Internet for most people, Google+ can prove to be valuable.




Pinterest has developed a healthy following. And although many men use the service, it skews heavily towards women.





Instagram is owned by Facebook and is attracting a younger demographic than is parent.





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